General Information

Before you start using the cluster please read the SDC-DE User Guidelines.

You can access the SDC-DE cluster direclty from within MPE or via the MPCDF gateway machines. From any gateway machine you can then access the Euclid login nodes. Note that the computing nodes are not available for logins.

  • login nodes:,
  • compute nodes: run ‘qhost’ from a login node to get an overview.

Cluster News:

If you are interested in the news, subscribe yourself to the Users list

Development Software/Libraries:

Additional 3rd parties software and development libraries are available via the module facility. This facility allows to have multiple version of the same tool installed on the cluster leaving the users with the choice of which one to use (load).

To get a list of all available software modules and libraries, type:

 module avail

To activate a specific module, type:

 module load intel/17.0

To see which modules you have currently loaded, type:

 module list

To unload a specific module, type:

 module unload intel/17.0

Astronomical Data Reduction Software/Libraries:

Additional software specifically used for astronomical data reduction is bundled in the Ureka software distribution. This includes:

  • Python 2.7.5
  • IRAF 2.16
  • ds9
  • hstcal
  • ipython
  • pyraf
  • python
  • xgterm
  • ximtool

To use the above, load the Ureka module by typing:

 module load ureka/1.5.1