Cluster Overview

The new/2nd gen SDC-DE consists of 694 cores (including hyper threading) in a virtualized environment i.e. via virtual machines (VMs), with an aggregated memory of 5.8 TB and storage up to 850TB as of July 2018 (more capacity, i.e. cores/memory, is expected to be added later in 2018). Two VMs are used as login servers for interactive jobs and testing. It has entered operation in Q2 2018 to replace the 1st gen cluster.

The old/1st gen SDC-DE computing hardware has been decommissioned beginning of July 2018. It consisted of a 576 (1152 with hyper threading) cores cluster with 36 identical servers. In addition there were 4 login servers for interactive jobs and testing which had identical specifications.

You can monitor the current usage of the (2nd gen) cluster on the Euclid cluster status page (not yet available).