Data Storage

$HOME Directories:

Your $HOME directory is located in an AFS area under /afs/ipp/home/<p>/<login name> where <p> is the prefix of your login name. There is a nightly incremental back-up of your $HOME directory. You should not use $HOME for storing larger amounts of data since there is a quota of 10GB. You can check you current quota status by issuing:

$ cd; fs quota

Disk Storage:

There is a large GPFS file system with 1.1PB disk storage mounted as /data. You will find a directory with your login name under /data/<project>/u/. Projects with allocated storage areas are:


We apply disk quotas for the storage space on the GPFS file system. The default limit is 100GB for each user, per project. Users exceeding this limit will be notified and asked to remove data. If you need more space, apply for a quota increase here.

To see your current usage for under the euclid storage area use

mmlsquota --block-size auto euclid_gen2:euclid_u

replace euclid_u with other projectname_u, i.e. wst_u for instance, for the same info if you also have a user directory on other projects.

Please note that there is no back-up for the data stored there. However, redundancy is provided via RAID6 configuration, i.e. the system can suffer up to two disk failures in the same fileset before data loss occurs.